Robin has been a Police Officer since 1998. Robin has diverse and extensive experience in the areas of unformed, community and foot patrol operations, targeted task force operations, field training, tactical operations and use of force training.

As a tactical operator, Robin has served intermittently since 2006 with his service’s tactical unit where he is an instructor for dynamic entries in the service of high risk warrant service and hostage rescue events. Robin has been part of a tactical team that has participated in several hundred planned and unplanned high risk incidents.

Robin has remained certified and active as a use of force and defensive tactics instructor since 2002 and has participated in, designed or conducted use of force training for over 1000 Police Service members, recruits and tactical operators.

Robin has been a full time member of his service’s Officer Safety Section where he was responsible for delivering use of force training to experienced and recruit level police officers, developing curriculum, evaluating and analyzing use of force incidents, instructor training and certifications, consulting with specialty and investigative units on use of force related matters and the research of use of force training methods, developments and trends internationally.

Robin has trained in the martial arts since the age of 12 and has had his butt kicked in a wide variety of disciplines including boxing, Hung Gar kung fu, traditional Japanese jiu jitsu, Brazilian jiu jitsu and judo.

In 2016, Robin founded and currently operates Kipling Consulting Group which specializes in training curriculum consultation, information sharing and forensic critical incident analysis on police and private sector practices relating to the use of force.

Robin is currently a tactical operator, supervisor, program developer and trainer with the Winnipeg Police Service’s Tactical Support Team.